media work



“The lessons I’ve learned in my career are to never think you are too good for something – it is all valuable experience.”

At the moment I work as a Court Monitor and IT-Sound Support technician at the company that provides recording services to law courts in Melbourne.

I’m originally from Minsk, the capital of Belarus. I graduated from high school in the mid 90’s. I didn’t have career plans, but I needed pocket money, so I started working at a local city market, selling perfume and clothing. I found I was very good at this: I sold my inventory quickly and had to re-stock my stall on daily basis. I was making good money by the standards of the day.

I did that for about 3 years, just having fun and making cash, without thinking much about the future. However, eventually the market conditions worsened and so did my profits.  I knew it was time to get a proper job. Continue reading