Owner’s Corp Manager

Scott Lambert Owner's Corporations Manager


“Sometimes you have to give in a little, to think, ‘is it worth the fight?’  Now, even at home, I ask that question, and choose to keep the peace.”

I’m an owner’s corporation manager at MiCM Real Estate.

Soon as I finished school, I went into a chef apprenticeship, but only lasted twelve months. There were a couple reasons, one of which is that I’m very clumsy. Once, I cut my hand and dropped a tray of caustic acid on the floor – burning my eyes – and had to work with patches on them. A month later, I was cleaning under the bain-marie when another apprentice emptied boiling water on my head. So, even though I loved cooking, I decided I was too accident-prone.

After that, I spent 3 years working in factories – first as a fork lift driver, then a storeman.

I was 21 when, driving from Lake Epiloch, I hit a tree at 100k per hour and was laid up for five weeks. During that time, realizing I didn’t want to be a forklift driver forever, I decided to return to uni to do a Diploma in Criminal Justice, as I’ve always been interested in law. Continue reading