Welcome to What I Did/What I Do.

Career stories told by real people: a look beyond the official resume.

Hi, I’m Maria, great to see you here!

The idea for this site popped into my head as I was researching yet another (probably improbable) career change.

You see, I used to be a chronic career-hopper. Honestly, if I listed every job I’ve ever had, my CV would rival War and Peace.

Every time I felt compelled to make a change, I’d throw myself into looking for ‘the one’ – the perfect career that I will stick with forever-and-ever. So many options! – a librarian? a vet nurse? IT Project Manager? (I swear, those were all options I explored).

I’d pore over Seek ads, LinkedIn profiles and industry sites to try and figure out what each job entailed? what education was needed? what experience?

And while those were all great sources of information, there would always be a point where I’d find myself searching through my Facebook friend list for a real-life person who might be even remotely connected to the career I was exploring.

I wanted to talk to a real person who was in the know, who could tell me what this job was actually like, give me the nitty-gritty on the daily grind, the pros/cons, the insider info.

And that’s how What I Did/What I Do was born.

I want to create an archive of individual stories about every type of job/industry under the sun, so that people like you and me will still be able to get a friend’s insight into their dream job.

I believe everybody has a story  that somebody else needs to hear.  What I Did / What I Do is a platform for these stories to be found and shared.

To get in touch, contact me on maria@whatididwhatido.com, or via the Facebook page.


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