“I’ve always found the mundane boring.”

My name is Tritia DeViSha. Most people know me as Trish, because 99% of people I meet never know how to pronounce my first name when they see it written, so I just try to make it simple.

I’m an actress, model, filmmaker, presenter, creatrix, & Yoga & TaiChi/Qigong Instructor, as well as many other things. I’m an artist at heart, and I wear many hats; my practice is the glue that unifies everything & keeps it all together.

I am passionate about everything I do and have in my life, and I let my passions drive me.  I believe that life needs to be lived with passion, as it is said in the three points of Lord Shiva’s trident (or Trishul), follow your passion. When you are working with Passion you find Purpose, and with Purpose you achieve Power, the Power of the Universe working behind you to achieve your goals & dreams. Continue reading



“I’ve learnt over the years that nothing should stop you from asking for what you want.”

I am an artist and a movement practitioner, primarily sharing my work through coaching in the field of strength and conditioning. Recently, I combined both these passions into a business called Foldenmove.

I grew up doing ballet and gymnastics, and perhaps through that I developed an interest in movement and fitness. At the same time, I loved art and that was my original direction. The subject I focused most on was always the human body; I was fascinated with ways that visually translated it, and my interest in human movement ended up feeding into it. Continue reading

Tania Kunze a ceramic artist from Adelaide working on piece on the pottery wheel

Photography by Val Bubner


“A hard earned thing is deeper appreciated.”

I am a ceramic and mixed media artist, specializing in custom design and community projects. My small business trades as Tatty K.

I didn’t really know who I was or what I wanted to do at school, so I quit school after year 11 and worked in retail and hospitality (because I knew how to work hard and be polite to customers – and therefore earn a wage).

I also moved out at 17, because my parents lived in the rural area of Darwin & I couldn’t wait to live in the city. At 19, I moved to Brisbane with a few friends & continued to work as a waitress, barperson, maitre’d, short order cook, book keeper – “whatever was needed”.  Continue reading