Business Owner



“I think of all the people I’ve helped in the last fifteen years to start a new life in Australia, and it brings me satisfaction.”

­I am an immigration lawyer and a businesswoman.

I started out wanting to be a doctor, but as a result of a serious illness, I changed my mind and decided upon law. However, I still had an interest in science, so I did a combined degree at Monash University – Bachelor of Science and Law. I thought that would lead my down the path of some science-related law work, like intellectual property.

But when I finished my degree, I found that as a newly admitted lawyer, the employment market was quite tough and I had to take whatever job was available to me at the time. I applied to a few places, and eventually got an offer through a recruitment agency to interview with a firm that was looking for a Chinese speaking lawyer. Continue reading



“They let us have all the old contacts – it was like winning the lottery!”

I’m the co-owner and co-director of Grange Joinery, specializing in high-end cabinetry and joinery.

I dropped out of school when I was 15, it wasn’t for me. I was good with my hands though, loved working on cars, building pergolas and such. My dad was a bank manager, but he was keen for me to become a tradie. You see, when he was younger, he wanted to be a plumber, but his dad made him get a ‘suit’ job. I suppose he wanted me to realize that potential for both of us.

After a brief stint in a building apprenticeship that didn’t work out, I sent letters to about 50 cabinet making companies. Out of the five that replied, I picked one, went to see them and started work the next day. I did my apprenticeship there for four years. Continue reading