“The most successful people in recruitment are sales people who are hungry for success.”

I am the Director of Gough Recruitment, specializing in Property and Real Estate Recruitment.

I loved school and did well, but wasn’t always 100% sure what I wanted to do. I went to university, but wasn’t really passionate about it, so at that point in my life I went and found a job.

Back in those days, you looked for jobs in the newspaper. I saw an ad for Real Estate Receptionist in The Age, and for the next five years I worked my way up through the Real Estate industry. Continue reading

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“I believe having the right career is part of your overall well being.”

I work as a recruitment consultant for the creative industry, managing the Melbourne office of a company called Become.

I grew up in Manchester, UK. I was always into arts in school, but my teachers and family didn’t really understand it, so it was difficult to see a career path early on. My dad, who was an accountant, seeing that I wasn’t academic, suggested I should learn how to type. ‘If you can type fast, you can always be a secretary’, he told me. Continue reading



“When you spend your life looking for relationships, you value and cherish the good ones”

I am the director of Prime Careers, a recruitment company specializing in real estate recruitment.

I struggled with health issues towards the end of high school, and missed a lot of class time – to the point where it felt like I was so far behind, I’d never catch up. So I dropped out in the middle of year 11, something I’ve since regretted.

I tried doing a carpentry pre-apprenticeship, but it didn’t work for me due to a bad back I had as a result of playing state cricket when I was younger.

So I started working at a gym doing membership sales which to date is the hardest job I’ve ever had. It’s such a shallow and cut throat industry, they don’t care if people stay on and use the gym, if they lose weight – as long as they keep paying. It didn’t sit well with me as I felt like I was almost tricking people into wasting money. Continue reading



“You have to begin with an end in mind.”

I run my company Good People HR specializing in recruitment and executive search.

From an early age, I had the drive to work and achieve. Possibly this stemmed from the fact that my parents arrived here from the Philippines when I was five and had to work hard to give me and my siblings a better life.

So I always saw our lives in Australia as an opportunity to work that could not be wasted. In school, I would make friendship bracelets and then sell them for a dollar a piece. The second I turned 14, I went out and got a job in a fruit shop. Continue reading