Public servant



“If you won and played well, life was great!!”

I am a HR Manager for a state government department, and also a senior assistant soccer coach.

All I knew after high school was that I needed to get a degree. I was pretty strong in economics, so I enrolled in Monash to get my economics degree. I didn’t enjoy studying the subject, but I got through the three years.

When I finished university, I was still very naïve and clueless about the world. My parents were typical Greek immigrants who worked hard and sacrificed everything for me and my sister. Continue reading



“I might have actually helped to save a life through one of the safety messages I created.”

I am a writer, currently working as a Communications Advisor at the Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport and Resources (DEDJTR).

My family emigrated to Australia 25 years ago, when I was eight. From an early age, I enjoyed writing and literature. An early success that I can remember was winning a spelling contest in primary school, having been in the country for only 6 months. So it was nice to know that I’ve got a strength in a particular area. Continue reading