“Then I will walk into town naked, just like him!”

Currently, I am on a sea-wreck hunting sabbatical.

I was born in Geraldton, but in 1980, when I was 9, my family moved to Rabaul, in Papua New Guinea, for my dad’s work. The three years that we lived there had a huge effect on me and formed the foundations of my personality.

My dad loved being on the ocean: we spent a lot of time diving, fishing, snorkelling to see the marine fauna and WWII wrecks. Rabaul was a beautiful colonial town and an adventurous place to grow up, with hills full of tunnels filled with Japanese war debris. In my explorations I’d find live ammunition, bombs; all sorts of things. Continue reading



“I wanted to see how far I can push myself and how many boundaries I could break through.”

I’m currently living and travelling in Peru, making and selling jewellery and having amazing adventures.

I was born on a cattle farm in Shepparton. We moved to Melbourne when I was in high school, and that’s where I fell in with a rough crowd of kids. I stopped doing schoolwork, started wagging, drinking, getting into fights. I became an absolute terror, my parents and teachers couldn’t do anything with me. Continue reading