Alternative Medicine



“I believe positive internal energy is a source of confidence and connection with people.”

I am an Esoteric Doctor. My practice is a psychic, healing and metaphysical centre. My aim is to help people be happy and healthy.

It was very hard for me to pick what I wanted to study. I come from Chernogolovka, a science center near Moscow. My parents were chemists,who sent me to an experimental advanced school. I did music, ballet, figure skating, basketball. I liked a lot of subjects and was interested in many things, so I couldn’t quite choose one.

Later on, looking at my karma, I understood why this was. But as a child I was always curious about magic and card readings, possibly because my grand-grandmother was a gypsy and my other grand-grandmother was a Mordovian healer. Continue reading



“It’s become clear to me that there is much that can be known, but not understood.”

I am a transformational healer.

I came to Australia when I was 14 from Sweden, where we lived after Germany.  As a boy, I wanted to be an artist, but I didn’t do well on the theory side of art, so didn’t get the grades to get into art school.

Instead, after dropping out of a marketing degree, I went to work for Stephen Dattner in his Hoddle St store. In the late 80’s it was the place to buy fur and leather.

That gig lead to a friend’s father offering me a job managing his new luxury goods store that was to be opened in the newly-developed Como Centre. At the time, there were huge plans for the Como that included a man-made lake that connected to the Yarra, a really exclusive shopping mecca designed to attract the Asian high-rollers who were starting to come to Australia. Continue reading