“There is tremendous security in knowing that as long as you have trees, you will have life on this planet.”

I am an arborist, a photographer and an author.

I was born in Calcutta, India.  When I was young, my dad sublet a room in our house to a Russian botanist, also named Ivan. He was a lovely man, and through him I developed an avid interest and love of plants that continues to this day.

The family immigrated to England. By the time I was 14, my passion for plants had grown. In 1962 I applied as an apprentice gardener at Hampton Court Palace.

It was a beautiful place to work. However, there I ran into some trouble. Through being so interested in all things horticultural, I asked many questions. I didn’t realize that my co-workers didn’t have all the answers – possibly to their embarrassment.

As a result, I was labelled a time-waster and punished with tasks like Continue reading